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  • The online MyParticipation portal keeps you connected with all aspects of your participation
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Learn what it means to participate in a study that uses WhiteCloud to manage participant data.

More and more researchers are using WhiteCloud to better manager their research processes, including participant recruitment and data. Find out how this affects you and what you need to know.

Why WhiteCloud?

WhiteCloud provides researchers with a study management platform, and also provides participants with their own portal to make engagement easier for everyone involved.

Researchers that are registered with WhiteCloud may choose to use the platform to manage your participation in their study.  To do this, they will need your permission to register you with WhiteCloud. It is then also likely that they will require you to use your WhiteCloud account for some or all of your participation in the study. Exactly how this will look will depend on the study, and can be clearly described to you by the researcher.

Being a participant through WhiteCloud will help make your involvement in the study that little bit easier (and a lot easier for the researchers). You will be able to access all your research information from a single location. It also includes convenient features such as email and SMS appointment reminders. Furthermore, it provides an additional level of privacy by keeping all your communications and activity in a secure environment – even the content of your messages to and from the researchers are locked in our secure system and away from your email inbox.

To participate in a study with WhiteCloud, you will need to have a WhiteCloud user account and be registered in the study. There are a couple of ways this can work:

  1. If you already have an account with WhiteCloud and have applied to participate in the study online, then there is nothing more anyone needs to do to register you.
  2. If you do not have a WhiteCloud account, then the researcher may create an account for you so that they can enroll you into their study. Once this is done, you will automatically be registered into the study, and you will receive an email from WhiteCloud confirming your account and login details. The researcher will not be able to login as you or access your account in anyway.
When you log in for the first time you will be prompted to complete your account profile. The information you provide will only be visible to you and the researchers that are managing the study.

To access the study, go to your Dashboard, select MyStudies, then click on the study name. This will open the MyParticipation page for this study. From here you can:

  • Access study and researcher information
  • See all study messages, and send messages to your researcher
  • See your participation schedule (if relevant)
  • Access and complete data collection forms (e.g. questionnaires, if relevant)
Researchers from the study, or studies, that you have registered with will have access to your information. These researchers control who can access your data, and to what extent. For specific information on who can access your data from a study, please contact your researcher. Your data is otherwise kept private and confidential (see How secure is WhiteCloud? below).
If you are registered by your researcher, then by default you will only receive emails that are directly related to your participation in the study, and occasional important updates from WhiteCloud. However, you will have the option to enable study notifications – emails to inform you of new study opportunities that match your profile (age, sex, location). You will not automatically receive WhiteCloud promotional material or newsletters, however if you are interested in these, you can register separately.
No, this is completely free for participants. Researchers may pay for access to premium features.
This is up to the discretion of the researcher, please check with them directly.
We take your security of your data seriously, and implement very strong server and client side security protocols, as well as ensuring that what happens in-between cannot be intercepted.

ResearchStudies is hosted with WPEngine, a managed host selected specially for high processing speed and security standards, including disk protection, script detection, external penetration testing and daily backups.

All data are securely stored and accessible only to those that have been explicitly granted access. User role control means that you have full control over who can access, or edit, just about everything. Participant names (and other data) may be concealed for some users, and sensitive form data can be selectively hidden if necessary when sharing form data.

More broadly, data access restrictions comply with the Health Information Privacy Code (1994) and Good Clinical Practice guidelines (1996) for personal health information. Data are stored on a physically secured, fire-walled and SAS 70 Type II compliant server, and transmitted via SSL encryption. More information here.

We limit brute-force attacks, however recommend that you choose a strong and unique password to prevent malicious guessing of your password.

MyParticipation is WhiteCloud’s study portal for research volunteers.

 WhiteCloud’s MyParticipation page makes participating in research easy and hassle-free. You’ll always know how to get in contact with your researcher, and you’ll never need to worry about forgetting what you need to do next.


Participating in research is made easier with the MyParticipation web page. Whenever you are enrolled in a study, you will have access to relevant researcher information, messages, your study schedule, and any forms that you need to complete.

By default, all messages that you receive from your researcher will include a link to read the message. This is a unique link that will take you to your MyParticipation page without you needing to login. Of course, you can change this setting from your profile.

The content of messages are held on WhiteCloud servers to help keep potentially sensitive information private, and to ensure that all communications are kept in a single and easy-to-manage location.

Download the Information For Participants PDF handout.