Individualised non-invasive brain stimulation to assist motor recovery after stroke [HEALTHY PARTICIPANTS NEEDED]

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We are conducting research that examines whether it is possible to improve coordination of arm muscles using non-invasive brain stimulation.

What does the study involve?

2 x 2 hr experimental sessions at the Movement Neuroscience Laboratory, 731.134 Tamaki Campus. Sessions separated by at least 5 days.

In this study you will be asked to:

- Complete questionnaires that will ensure you can safely participate in the procedures 

-  Complete a questionnaire that will be used to determine your handedness 

-  Undergo transcranial magneticbrain stimulation with a special device that induces a very weak stimulating current in the neural tissue in the part of the brain associated with movement. This is noninvasive and painless. 

-  Undergo brief electrical stimulation over nerves in your arm using a weak current and short duration pulse that may cause some mild, short lasting discomfort but has no after effects.

-  Receive up to 20 minutes of brain polarisation from a device that delivers a weak current to the neural tissues in the motor area of the brain controlling your arm movement. This is noninvasive and painless. 


Participant Information Sheet 2013_010457_Healthy
This study is open to and in aged 18 to 55
Healthy volunteers included

·       18 – 55 years old

·       Right handed

·       Neurologically healthy (no history of brain injuries, impairment etc.)

·       No history of arm or shoulder injuries

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