Hearing Brain

This study is not currently open to accept applicants.
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We are looking for Adults (aged 25 - 67) with mild hearing loss with or without hearing aids. We are looking at how the adult brain processes various types of sound/signals.

If you're interested in participating in this study, please contact Abin via email: [email protected].

Testing is a Single 2 hour session with an EEG cap on. EEG caps (looks like a swimmers cap) have tiny harmless sensors that picks up brain response from the scalp. You will get to watch a movie of your choice with the volume in mute and subtitles ON; while sounds are played in your right ear.

Testing will take place at  the University of Auckland, Tamaki campus, clinic. Participants will get a FREE Hearing test and a $20 petrol voucher.

This study is open to and in aged 25 to 67
Healthy volunteers included