Emotion in Families

This study is not currently open to accept applicants.
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The Early Learning Lab is currently looking for parents and their children (aged between 4.5 - 5.5 years) who are living together to participate in a study on emotion regulation! 

The aim of the current research is to examine the different ways adults and children regulate their emotions and which strategies might be more effective than others. Families involved will receive a total of $100 in vouchers (Westfield or petrol) at the end of the study as reimbursement for their time and effort. Your child will also receive a toy at the end of the study. We realize it might be challenging finding a time that everyone is available so we are running sessions throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. 

The study involves two stages:

Part 1: Online questionnaire

We will ask you and your partner to complete an online questionnaire that should take around 30-40 minutes. These will involve a series of questions regarding your own and your child’s emotional experiences. 

Part 2: Session at the Early Learning Lab, University of Auckland (City campus)

For the second part of the study, we will ask you, your partner and child to come in to our center for a 2 hour session and receive $100 in total (Westfield or grocery vouchers) as reimbursement for your time and effort. We will find a time that is most convenient for you, including evenings and weekends :) 

You and your partner will be asked to complete some questionnaires regarding your relationship (e.g., thoughts and feelings about your relationship, and any issues you have been facing). We will then ask you to take part in a 7-minute video recorded discussion with your partner about an issue either you or your partner are currently facing in your relationship. Afterwards, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire on the discussion.

Your child will participate in some fun activities with the experimenter. For more information about these activities, please see the attached document. We will also ask your child to select pictures that best represents the way they perceive you, as the parents, have discussions.

Finally, we will ask your child to engage in a tower-building activity with you and your partner. This will last approximately 15 minutes. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire about how you and your child experienced the family activity.

This study is open to and in aged 16 to 110
Healthy volunteers included

 - Have a child aged between 4.5 - 5.5 years old (54 - 66 months)

 - Your child must be living with you and your current partner

 - Have lived with your partner for at least 1 year

 - Speak fluent English