Effects of brief Auditory Training

This study is not currently open to accept applicants.
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Testing involves 2.5 hrs (max; inclusive of breaks) x 2 sessions (two weeks apart). Session 1 and Session 2 will have a gap of two weeks, during which you will be asked to train using a computer software at home. Training involves discrimination of pitch changes in tones in the form of an exciting computer game!! :) Training will only last for 30 minutes each day (just for 9 days within the 2 weeks span). 
Testing will mainly involve both subjective and EEG testing. EEG involves placement of tiny electrodes on the scalp that measures brain responses while you a press button in response to the tone you hear. The task requires your attention, even young children find it easy. 
This study is open to and in aged 18 to 57
Healthy volunteers included

We are looking for interested participants with either mild to moderate or high frequency hearing loss (18 to 58 years). 

email: [email protected]