Carrageenan Asthma Study

Recruiting Expires 31 December, 2017
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Does your asthma get worse during a cold?

We need adults with asthma to take part in a study of a safe nasal spray containing carrageenan that could help reduce asthma during a cold.

  The 16 week study involves:

·       Spraying your nose 4 times daily for 10 days during a cold.

·       Meeting with researchers 4 times.

·       Filling out questionnaires during visits and during a cold.

·       Taking peak flow readings during your cold.

·       Taking a nasal swab for viruses (optional).

·       Having an allergy test (optional). 

 ·     $50 grocery voucher for taking part.

For more information:


Email: [email protected]

Landline: 04 918 6856

Text: 0220 450 188

This study is open to and in aged 18 to 55

We need adults with doctor diagnosed asthma in the Wellington region. Volunteers need to have had a cold with asthma symptoms in the last year.

We cannot include those with COPD, those who use a nasal spray regularly or those who have a seaweed allergy.

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