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Apr 16

How to recruit participants for free with newspaper editorials

There are several free strategies for recruiting participants for research such as posters, word-of-mouth, and some posts on Facebook or even a Facebook page, however these methods tend to create a recruitment that trickle-in participants. What I am thinking of can set you up for a two-day blast of answering your phone and sending out your information sheets.
May 3

How to recruit participants for free in just 5 easy steps

Call For Participants is an online service that enables academic researchers to advertise their studies for free to a large international audience of potential participants. Follow this guide to learn how to combine Call For Participants with WhiteCloud for a powerful and free recruitment strategy.
Jun 11

How to correctly motivate participants to volunteer for your research

Understanding what motivates people to volunteer for research is an important aspect of the participant recruitment strategy. How participation is incentivised, and how the study is advertised also have ethical implications, and can affect the participant’s perceived value of the study, and subsequently, their willingness to stay involved.