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Researcher Registration
NOTICE: After several years, we’ve decided to sunset WhiteCloud. All existing studies can continue to use the platform for as long as they need to complete their research. However, no new projects can be created.

Manage Your Research More Efficiently and With More Control

WhiteCloud is a cloud platform designed to assist  researchers with the administration and day to day operations of research management.


Academic, clinical and other health and medical researchers choose to recruit and/or manage their studies with WhiteCloud.

Across all areas of human and heath research, studies are benefiting from improved recruitment and management.

More volunteers are engaging with research in a modern way. Extend your reach and improve participant engagement with dedicated engagement tools.

Packed With Integrated Administrative And Research Tools To Help You Get The Job Done

Participant Recruitment

Alleviate the hassle of recruitment with a centralised participant recruitment management solution.

Create a free study listing
Notify Relevant Members
Receive Online Applications
Monitor Recruitment Activity

Participant Management

Monitor and track the progress of all participants or subjects easily and quickly, in real time.

View all participants from a sortable and searchable table
Allocate participants to Groups, Tags, Status and assign custom fields
Monitor progress with Form and Appointment completion tracking
Assign participants to collaborators
Manage all communications centrally

Streamlined Scheduling

Participant scheduling is streamlined, under control and easy.

Send automatic SMS appointment reminders
Use appointment templates for quick and automated scheduling
Monitor progress by tracking appointment outcomes
Attach forms and tasks to appointments
Manage visit windows and tentative schedule planning

Electronic Data Capture (forms)

Combine participant management with electronic data capture for a truly integrated and streamlined data collection process.

FormBuilder enables drag-and-drop design of powerful forms
Single and repeated-measures
Participant and or researcher access.
Conditional logic with integrated automation.
Data version and change tracking
Export in analysis-friendly formats

And much, much more…

Combining administrative with research tools allows processes to connect and reduces time and error when compared with traditional, multi-system approaches to study management

SMS (text messaging)
Role Control
Audit Log

Custom Fields
Email, SMS & schedule templates
Researcher groups
Participant database management

Flexible and Affordable Pricing Options

Custom plans and options are available upon request. Prices displayed below are based on a per user per month plan.


  • Study Listing
  • 3 Collaborators
  • 1 Active Study
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Emails
  • Notes
  • Allocations
  • MyParticipation

Study Manager

  • >>Includes All Recruitment Features
  • 5 Collaborators
  • 1 Active Study
  • SMS Communications
  • Custom Fields
  • Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Randomisation
  • Templates
  • Automation
  • Electronic Data Capture (Forms)

Group Management

  • >>Includes All Study Manager Features
  • 10 Collaborators
  • 10 Active Studies
  • Research Groups
  • Participant Database
  • User Role Control
  • Audit Log

Please contact us if you would like to know about other plans that may be more suitable for research centers, organisations or departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. The free option is perfect for researchers that are looking for a more organised approach to participant recruitment. The free option will allow researchers to list as many studies as they like, for as long as they need, and also allows collaborative recruitment. There is no obligation to upgrade to a premium plan, however, the premium plan will make more study management tools available which may be desirable to ensure that your study is efficiently run and well coordinated. See the pricing table for an indication to the differences between the plans.
The platform is built to provide support for most kinds of research studies that involve both human and non-human subjects. Studies that will get the most benefit from this system are those that include any of the following:

  • A moderate to large sample
  • Single or repeated measures
  • Quantitative data collection
  • Scheduled events
  • Collaboration (e.g., supervisor and student arrangement, study coordinators etc)

Some of the most common types of research that use WhiteCloud include:

  • Academic research (student and supervisor collaboration)
  • Medical research (e.g., hospital-based)
  • Clinical trials

Studies that are less likely to benefit from managed research may be those that involve a very small sample size, a simple design, and are conducted by a sole researcher. For all others, WhiteCloud will offer a significant improvement of adhoc study management practice.

No. WhiteCloud supports two types of cases: “Participants” and “Subjects”. Participants are people that will have access to their MyParticipation portal, and will be able to engage with your study online (e.g., send and receive emails, receive automated and custom SMS messages, access schedule and complete data forms online). Subjects may be humans that are not actively engaged in the research (e.g., infants), or non-human subjects.
Yes. Follow the link for Participants and register an account. Once you’ve entered your information you’ll start receiving notifications for new studies that match your profile.
All studies that use the study listings feature are required to have received appropriate ethical approval prior to listing. It is ultimately the responsibility of the researchers to ensure that this is adhered to. Researchers should include use of WhiteCloud in their ethics applications and if relevant, participant information sheets.
CTMS is an abbreviation for Clinical Trial Management System. While WhiteCloud isn’t branded as a CTMS, it can, in many ways, be considered a CTMS. WhiteCloud facilitates recruitment and study monitoring across a collaborative team, and offers advanced scheduling, communication and automation functionality that surpasses many enterprise CTMS systems, as a fractino of the price. While WhiteCloud is still in development, some features that are often found in CTMS systems that are not yet available here include file management, resource management and financials.

WhiteCloud does not provide support for managing sites or monitor visits.